Instruction manual of trash can manufacturer-Swanlord website | launch at Apr 1st 2021.

1. Brief instruction of Swanlord New Website Homepage:

As basic website construction, you will find home page with navigation menu on top, and the new recycling trash can on the first view in the top block.

We will release the most updated product here once we have, not only trash can, but also mirror, drying rack, bathroom hardware and so on which produced in our own factory.

Promotion of swanlord homepage
2021 New recycling trash can

After scroll down, you will find the best sellers of our products in second block of home page as below, it’s a slider which you can switch to different items by clicking the arrow on left and right sides.

From this part, you can find out which trash can sells the best all over the world, and maybe which mirror sells the best.

You can inquiry us about the best seller or just check whether you can try some similar items.

best seller of swnalord slider
Best seller 2020

After scroll down again, then you will find the product categories which we produce and sell with photo instruction, you can dive inside by clicking photo which you want to check.

All the categories produced in our own factory except the trash bag which is out sourced.

Product catagories of swanlrod

Finally you will find our footer after scroll down again, and here you can find our contact information, you can send mail to us just by clicking the mailbox MAILTO:SALES@SWANLORD.COM  on footer.

And we also have navigation menu and product categories link to our website here.


2. Brief introduction of “About” page

After landing on the “About” page, you will find information of Swanlord such as who we are(mainly trash can manufacturer), what is Swanlord’s advantage, and a video with short introduction of Swanlord, finally the information of audit reports which only a small part from us, many other audit reports not included here.

If you want to request more information like audit reports or others, just mail us at, we will reply you as soon as possible.

3. How to find what trash can you want to find by using Swanlord filters:

By hovering over “Products” menu, you will find below mega-menu which separate our products by five main categories, Trash can, mirror, bathroom hardware, drying rack and stool.

Products menu

In trash can category page, there are three filters on left side of the page, filter 1 which can help you filter out trash cans by size, you can select what size trash can you want to look for, like “3L” & “5L”, after that, by clicking “Filter” on the bottom, our website will filter out all trash can which has 3L and 5L sizes for you automatically.

If you want do the filter once again by choosing other sizes, you can click “Clear” button firstly, then repeat the steps above.

Same as filter 2, which you can filter our trash cans by kinds of tags, like “low price”, “best seller”, “rectangular shape” and so on.

And for filter 3, it’s a simple product category filter, by clicking different product category, you will go to different product category page.

trash canwaste bin catagory swanlord 1

4. “News” page about Swanlord’s most updated information:

Here you will find the most updated information of Swanlord or New product release or some tips of trash can, mirror, drying rack and so on.

Of course, we will also release some news about the price increase or decrease, MOQ change, or any other relative information which is useful to you here.

Hope information here will help you!

5. “Contact ” page-trash can manufacturer-Swanlord:

Here you will find the contact information of our office and factory, you can send mail to us by clicking “mail us” button like below:

mail us swanlord

Or by clicking “mail us” block as below, or just call us, or you can also use your we chat scan the QR code, then you can chat with us by we chat if you have a “Wechat” app in your phone.

mail us 2 swanlord

5. How to send inquiry to us regarding to specific products you want like:

If you want to send inquiry to our specific product, you can follow like below:

Take our 2021 new recycling trash can as example, after you landing onto the page of this 60L(16 gallon) recycling trash can(A-11020S-60L+3.5L), you can find the contact form to the right corner of photo.

You can put your name and mail address in the form, together with what requirements you request, like what color you want, what packing you want to pack the recycling bin, and what quantity your inquiry is based on or anything you want.

After get the information, we can quote to you accordingly and make an exact quotation to you at once.

contact form of recycling waste bin manufacturers

Finally, hope this content will help you with browsing our new website, and hope to get your message soon.