Recently, the annual Canton Fair Export Product Design Awards (CF Award, Canton Fair Design Awards) final evaluation was successfully concluded, and the list of winning products will be officially announced during the 130th Canton Fair. It is understood that in 2021, a total of 1972 products from 943 companies participated in the evaluation. After a rigorous preliminary evaluation by representatives of overseas buyers, domestic design experts, business and association experts, professional media representatives, and inspection and testing agency experts, 277 companies were finally selected. 689 products were shortlisted for final evaluation. SWANLORD’s environmentally friendly dual recycle trash bin finally won the gold award for its outstanding performance in innovation, functionality, quality, aesthetics and environmental protection.

CF gold

The CF Award, organized for the first time by the China Import and Export Fair in 2013, takes the world-class design award as its goal, and promotes the “Made in China” of high-quality products exported from China with outstanding design value to the world. After the epidemic, consumers all over the world are paying more attention to the improvement of the home environment in the city, and their demand for home life products is more affected by the epidemic. The classification of environmental protection barrels has shown a certain percentage increase in the domestic and foreign markets, and the current market Consumers’ choice of this similar product is relatively limited compared to the traditional pedal barrel. In order to speed up the satisfaction of the new market demand, we have teamed up with Dutch designers for the first time to do a lot of product pre-investigation, and finally The product we designed is oriented to the concept of “simple but warm”. We want to make our products acceptable in terms of price, aesthetic continuity in appearance, multi-functionality and humanization in function, and environmental protection in the design concept. From the initial product concept input to the final product sketch formation, we constantly correct our deviations to ensure that our products are true to the original intention. It is this pure obsession that made the honor of being awarded the gold award for the first time.

Award-winning works

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2021年CF奖获奖名单出炉     SWANLORD的新型厨房环保分类桶斩获设计金奖

近日,一年一度的广交会出口产品设计奖(简称CF奖,Canton Fair Design Awards)终评评审圆满结束,获奖产品名单将于第130届广交会期间正式对外公布。据了解2021年度共有943家企业的1972件产品参评,经过海外大买家代表、国内设计专家、商、协会专家、专业媒体代表、检验检测机构专家的严格的初评,最后选出277家企业的689件产品入围终评。SWANLORD的环保分类垃圾桶最后凭借其创新性、功能性、品质、美感性和环保性等各项出色表现斩获金奖。

CF gold


疫情之后,全世界的消费者都更加注重市内家居环境的改善,对于居家生活产品需求更大受疫情影响,分类环保桶品类在国内外市场都出现了一定比例的上升趋势,而目前市场上消费者在这个同类产品的选择上相对传统脚踏桶的选择还是比较局限,为了能加快对新市场需求的满足,我们首度联手荷兰设计师,做了大量的产品的前置调研,最后把我们设计的产品定向“简洁但不缺温度的产品“概念。我们想让我们的产品首先在价格定位上是可以接受的,在外观上符合当代美学趋势的,在功能上要尽可能的实现多功能及人性化,而在设计理念上要秉承环保的社会责任。我们要让我们的产品首先在价格上是可以接受的,在外观上有美感延续性,在功能上多功能和人性化兼顾,在设计理念上要秉承环保。在从最初的产品概念输入,到最后产品草图成形,期间不断地修正我们的偏差,确保我们的产品忠于初心。 正是这份纯纯的执念,造就初次面世就荣获金奖的荣誉。


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