Swanlord New Kitchen Recycle Bin Arrival 

Swanlord new recycle bin for kitchen (11020-60L + 3.5L ,EU Patent No. 008267926-0001) will be officially released during the 129th Canton Fair in China. This new bin is fully designed by our Dutch Senior Designer whose concept focuses on essential functionalities. Integration of more than 30 years of SWANLORD manufacturing experience resulted in the release of this new kitchen stainless steel dual compartment 2 x 30L recycle waste sorting bin.

60L recycling trash can dual compartments

Our research showed that a lot of modern kitchen design have its own unique characteristics and charm – homes that blend traditional elements with contemporary elements. The classic kitchen blends high quality with practicality by using tried–and–true materials which last for ages. Marble, granite, oak, walnut, pine, cherry and stainless steel are all go-to materials belonging in the kitchen. Open-plan kitchens have the kitchen, dining-room and lounge area typically combined into one space. Even though you would expect most houses in the United States and Europe to be large, in many urban centers kitchens are found to be more compact and space efficient. In these spaces, people create clever ways to save space by optimizing space-saving storage areas. Cabinets and cupboards are filled with drawers, hangers, cubbyholes, and rotating shelves to store everything from pots and pans, to spices and kitchen linens. This in-depth research helped us to outline the bin and communicate a ‘clean and simple, yet warm’ design language with ‘purposeful and essential’ functionality, and ‘durable and recyclable’ materials. With its large rounded side edges the outlook focuses on being less intrusive, and instead compliments various modern kitchen interiors.

Below please find some key points of our new recycle bin for kitchen with caddy:

  • PRODUCT SIZE- Good size fit the most tall kitchen table
    • Length:575mm  Width:373mm height: 682mm (60L)
    • Length:265mm  Width:265mm height: 607mm(30L)
    • Length:180mm  Width:105cm height: 220mm(3.5L)
  • COMFORTABLE PROPORTIONS – The larger radius design on the lid, sunken handles, and inner bucket make the bin to be very ergonomic and with comfortable proportions.
round corner
  • INDIVIDUAL BASKETThe raised top edge becomes an iconic design feature which proudly emphasizes the stainless steel. It doubles as a rail to hang the included basket onto. This basket can also hang on one of the inside containers.
  • ODOR FILTER -ODOR FILTER – The lid contains an integrated and easy to replace activated carbon filter system which eliminates odors. Active charcoal filter reduces moisture, allergens, pollutants, and neutralizes smells. Charcoal filter can be replaced (cheap and standard material).
order filter
  • DURABLE PEDAL-Opening the lid is made comfortable and easy by a large stainless bar durable foot pedal.
intergrated pedal
  • KEEP LID OPEN -With a simple locking switch the lid can stay open when needed.
lid lock
  • PET PROOF LID – The folded steel edge prevents pets from opening the lid easily, and prevents them from creating a mess in the kitchen.
pet proof lid
  • SILENT LID – When the lid closes you will not hear a noisy bang, but closes quietly.
  • FINGER PRINT PROOF- With this fingerprint proof material, you can easily wipe off your fingerprints on the surface. This function only applies to products with the fingerprint proof icon.
  • DUAL HANDLES- Dual handle helps the user to pull out the bucket easily. This is human-centered design in every detail.
  • LEAN AGAINST THE WALL-  No complicated instruction, the functionality and usage is just as simple and comfortable as the design language.

Besides the size of this sturdy container, its curves, and its components have been carefully optimized to find the perfect balance between aesthetics, ergonomic interactions, and cost efficiency.

Nowadays, consumers have many choices every day for various items, whether this is online or in stores. But only a selected of these products will be finally selected and kept because they fell in love with them. Select SWANLORD, and make your choice easier. We believe that less is more. Create the home you love.

View Detail product information: A-11020S-60L+3.5L